The Evolution of the Media: Impacts on Political Promotion

Objavio | 10/12/2016

Marko Miranovic - Evolution of the MediaMarko Miranović


CSDU Working Paper PP 04/2013
First published in 2013
First edition
Center for Good Governance Studies / Centar za studije dobrog upravljanja
CSDU Press, Belgrade, Serbia
The Evolution of the Media: Impacts on Political Promotion – Marko Miranović
1. Media studies
2. Political science

In this particular article we will try to focus how the changing and evolution of media could have an effect on the changing of political promotion. Also, we will try to research how the evolution of media does effect on the behavior of media consumers as potential voters and how the political marketing should change if would like to maximize its success on elections or on any other political matter. As a matter of fact, everything is changing today so fast that sometimes it is hard to follow all these changes, yet if political leaders and parties would like to be successful and to win the elections, they need to adopt as much as they can. Time will tell and give the answers, but already we are facing the great changes from traditional to digital media and these changes and the evolution already are changing the ways of promotion not only for politics but also on any other field.

Key words: media, media consumers, potential voters, politics, promotion.