Historical Consciousness in Serbia’s Lay Population

Objavio | 04/12/2016

3Srđan M. Jovanović


CSDU Working Paper PP 05/2013
First published in 2013 First edition Center for Good Governance Studies / Centar za studije dobrog upravljanja CSDU Press, Belgrade, Serbia Historical Consciousness in Serbia’s Lay Population – Srđan M. Jovanović
1. Serbia
2. Social history – East European History
Historiography in post-Communist states has been studied widely, especially during the last two decades, after the fall of the Berlin wall. Yet in Serbia, without a transition to a more democratic type of state, with the gradual transformation of Communism into state-driven nationalism, historiography has continued to significantly lag behind Europe‟s developing historiography. This has had some serious repercussions, the largest of which is the current level of historical and general knowledge of Serbia‟s population. This essay offers an analysis of the germane research conducted by the Belgrade Center for Human Rights, which concentrated on universal levels of historical knowledge and perceptions of history within Serbia. The research has provided valuable information for understanding the attitude towards history, as well as a general understanding of it among the lay population. Key words: historiography, historical consciousness, post-Communism, Serbia, Kosovo, myth, Belgrade Center for Human Rights.