Objavio | 04/03/2017

Mehdi Sejdiu, Alban Haliti – The lack of political ideologies in Kosovo’s political parties


UDK 327(560)
ID 229809420

Abstract: Normatively speaking, a rather disconcerting side of the contemporary refugee issue has been emphasized in this work – a situation which became especially obvious with the recent refugee accord between EU and Turkey. It is explained and elaborated how refugees have been caught in a rather precarious situation ‘between the rock and a hard place’ or in other words how they were exploited in favor of promoting each side’s own state-oriented objectives. In turn, these objectives have been analyzed from realist theoretical outlook – an outlook which was methodologically best corresponding to a set of independent variables on all three levels of analysis. The paper focuses more on the Turkish side and the particular, individual actors, thus intertwining levels of analysis in order to situate the Syrian refugees into a wider scope of political events.

Key words: Kosovo, party politics, ideology

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