Srđan M. Jovanović – Pisma iz Potemkinovih sela. Odabrani članci (2010-2014.)

Država, nacija, Srbija, Evropa, porodične vrednosti, homoseksualnost, upravljanje, jezik…teme se ponavljaju i ponavljaju. Problemi se množe i talože, a srbijansko društvo ih ne rešava. Što je najgore, i one probleme koji su već sami po sebi rešeni, srbijansko društvo iznova postavlja. Čini se da Srbija ne želi da ide napred.

OPAL edited volume – History and Politics in the Western Balkans: Changes at the Turn of the Millennium (Eds: S. Jovanović, V. Stančetić)

At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, the Balkans have, on one side, seemed to have reached an impasse. Not too many democratic changes have been successfully implemented in most Balkans states, even though Croatia is now a member state of the European Union. Old problems are now combined with new ones. How do the Balkans states deal with their own visions of their past? How are policies and state governance influenced by old and new issues?

The Evolution of the Media: Impacts on Political Promotion

In this particular article we will try to focus how the changing and evolution of media could have an effect on the changing of political promotion. Also, we will try to research how the evolution of media does effect on the behavior of media consumers as potential voters and how the political marketing should change if would like to maximize its success on elections or on any other political matter.

Serbia’s Road to the EU: History, Mentality, Philosophy

Transition towards democracy, although almost as a rule seen from the point of view of the strictly political, is far from being such. It is an allencompassing social, cultural, economical, and even philosophical issue. This paper concentrates on several cultural instances that are crucial for understanding contemporary Serbia, especially in its modernization, EU integration and democratization.

Religijske osnove Gandijevog sistema nenasilja

In this particular working paper we are trying to analyze elements that have had the greatest influence on Mohandas Karamchad Gandhi and his teachings concerning nonviolence and civil disobedience. Hinduism, but also early Christianity and Islam, as well had a great impact on Gandhi’s activities and thoughts.

Konsolidacija demokratije i civilno društvo

Tokom minulog XX veka demokratija je gotovo u celom svetu doživela veliki procvat. Proces koji nazivamo „treći talas“ je pokrenut sredinom 70-tih godina kada su poslednje desničarske diktature u zapadnoj Evropi doživele svoj pad i sunovrat. Nakon toga treći talas je 80-tih godina prošlog veka zahvatio i Latinsku Ameriku, a stigao je i do istočne Azije i neki zemalja Afrike.